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Synopsis: Two years ago, a deadly assassin known as the "Archangel" fell in love with the person they were contracted to kill.The lovers went into hiding, living in a remote cabin in the woods and living off the grid. But secretly, Mr. Romero and his organization of killers have tracked them down.... and he has a bloody score to settle

SHOOT DATES: June 30-3 (Mt. Charleston), July 5-8 (Crestline, CA)
CASTING: MAY 28-29, 2016



This is an action short film with fight scenes, assassins, martial arts, and gunplay (fake gunplay, that is!).  Some physicality is required for some roles.  The first four days of production are mostly exteriors in Mt. Charleston.  The next four days are in a cabin in Crestline, CA  (2.5 hour drive from Vegas, transportation provided).  

No pay!  This is a passion project to be shared free online.  But we'll provide good food, accommodations, and travel expenses (if you drive).  Eventually you'll get a 4K digital copy and IMDB credits.   Oh... and we'll also have a documentary crew interviewing you and the rest of our  production.



The Archangel- [June 30-July 8] + Two Fight Rehearsals (TBD):
Our Hero.  A deadly assassin who fell in love with the person they were supposed to kill.   Now the Angel protects them from the crime boss Mr. Romero.  The Archangel is a trained fighter.   

Kevin/ Katie - [June 30 (Mt. Charleston), July 6-8 (Crestline, CA)]: 
Hero's love interest.  Marked for death by Mr. Romero.  He/She is out of their element in this insane violent world.  The heart and emotion of the film.

Mr. Romero- [June 30 (Mt. Charleston), July 8 (Location TBD)]
Major Crime Boss.  He once employed our Hero.  Now he has to kill The Archangel for going rogue.  Jekyll and Hyde.  Maintains a calm demeanor most of the time, but has explosive rage moments.

Freddie- [June 30- July 3 (Mt. Charleston)] + Fight Rehearsal (TBD)
Loudmouth Assassin.   Like blades and edged weapons.    A jokester.  Annoying his peers, but very skilled.  Works for Mr. Romero.

Sammy - [June 30, July 1, & July 3] + Fight Rehearsal (TBD)
Muscular and Intimidating Henchman.  Mr. Romero's main enforcer.  A trusted lieutenant of Mr. Romero... who is plotting to take his place!

Jacob - [June 30, July 1, & July 3] + Fight Rehearsal (TBD)
Professional and Cold Assassin.  Wears shades and a coat that hides his arsenal of weapons.   Doesn't have a sense of humor.

Bennett/ Madam Bennett - July 1
Another Crime Boss competing with Mr. Romero.   Arrogant and disrespectful in nature.  They have it coming to them.