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Derek Johnson


Two years ago, Lauren, a deadly assassin known as the "Archangel" fell in love with Kevin, the man she was contracted to kill. The two went into hiding, living in a remote cabin in the woods and living off the grid. But secretly, Mr. Romero and his organization of killers have tracked them down.... and he has a bloody score to settle

SHOOT DATES:  June 29-July 8 (8 days)

  • DAY 1: June 29- Blue Diamond Saloon
    • Lauren, Kevin, Basketball Fan
  • DAY 2: June 30- Mt. Charleston, NV (Campgrounds)
    • Rafael, Lauren, Jacob, Mr. Romero, Sammy, Freddie, Kevin, Bob
  • DAY 3: July 1= Mt. Charleston, NV (Campgrounds)
    • Rafael, Lauren, Jacob, Mr. Romero, Sammy, Freddie, Bennett
  •  DAY 4 July 2 = Mt. Charleston, NV (Campgrounds)
    • - Lauren, Freddie, Dad, Son
  • DAY 5: July 3 = Mt. Charleston, NV (Campgrounds)
    • - Lauren, Freddie, Jacob, Sammy
  • July 4 = DAY OFF
  • July 5 = TRAVEL DAY
  • DAY 6: July 6 =  Crestline, CA (Cabin)
    • Assassin, Lauren, Kevin
  • DAY 7: July 7 = Crestline, CA (Cabin)
    • Lauren, Kevin, William, Terrance
  • DAY 8: July 8 = Mr. Romero's Penthouse (LA)
    • Foreign Businessman #1, Foreign Businessman #2, Lauren, Mr. Romero, Kevin, Informant, Sebastian Majori

DAY 1 - Pizzeria Scenes

Technical Info:

Cameras:   2 x Panasonic GH4, DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone &  GoPro Hero4 Black
4K Monitor/Recorders: Sound Devices PIX-EH5, PIX-E5
Format: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
Distribution: Online

GH4 not caged in 2nd Rig.  Upgraded rosette handles & cheeseplate to move HDMI transmitter to rear.  Quick release so GH4 can be used in car mounts or Ronin M.  Will eventually have a cheap mattebox.  





Mt. Charleston - May 30

Cabin @ Crestline, CA -
3 Bedrooms/4 beds/1.5 bathrooms

961 Lausanne Dr, Crestline, CA 92325
street view

There is parking for just 2 vehicles.  Additional parking is 6 minutes away in town at the grocery store or bowling alley.  

It's in a quiet neighborhood, so we can't be loud...  especially doing any exteriors.  

House @ Twin Peaks, CA - 
4 Bedrooms/ 5 Beds/ 2 bath.

Accommodations for additional cast/ crew while in California.   10 minute drive from Cabin at Crestline.  Lots of parking.  WiFi.     2 couches.

Cargo Van

Pizzeria/ Bar

Blue Diamond Saloon
6935 Blue Diamond Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89178

This is a 24-hour bar.  We have 2 hours access to this bar between 3am-5am on Tuesday the 28th, it's slowest time.   If there are patrons, we have to respect them.

Mr. Romero's Penthouse

705 West 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA  90015