Jesto Mathis


Growing up in South Florida, Jesto pursued his passion for rapping and songwriting and moved to Atlanta, GA in ‘96. Artists such as Outkast, Goodie Mob, TI influenced his southern style. Jesto established himself locally as a producer and rapper, selling beats, writing and engineering for unsigned and popular signed artists.

In 2003, Jesto formed the rap group “The Faculty” with three other close friends. The group shortly disbanded upon release of their debut album, “Group Therapy”. Jesto continued producing music for local R&B and Rap artists in Atlanta.

In 2017, Jesto moved to Las Vegas and formed the record label Disrupt Empire with his business partner Derek Stylez. Released in July of 2018, “Getting It Now”, is the first single from Jesto Mathis's debut album “AtlantaVegas”.