Model Call times

10/2: Friday
AM: 9AM- 2PM or

10/3: Saturday
AM: 9AM - 12PM

CHECK THIS PAGE FIRST! If you don’t find your answer then contact me:

Derek Stylez
Music Video Director

All Black Everything Explicit Album Art.png


"All Black Everything" - Streaming Everywhere Nov. 2


JESTO dressed in white, awakes in an All White Room. He has visions of all different black women:

  • doctor

  • model

  • football player

  • bike chick

  • stripper

  • ballerina… etc

and various black objects. Jesto decides to dye his clothing and paint the walls black.

full color white room AE.png
full color construction last.png

Location: PrimeTyme Media Group


  • Can I get a copy of the final music video/ photographs for my reel?

    • Yes.  We will schedule a time to transfer copies. You must provide an external hard drive.

  • Can I take pics/video during the shoot?

    • Yes!   In fact, we want EVERYONE to post photos and video on social media DURING THE SHOOT to get the word out.

  • Can I bring a friend?

    • Yes.   But only if they have a great attitude and are willing to help out.

  • Are you feeding us?

    • Yes. We are supplying lunch/dinner on Day 1.   Day 2 is a short day (2-3 hours) so we are NOT providing lunch, just snacks & beverages

  • Are we getting paid?

    • Yes. $50 cash each day paid immediately after the shoot on Day 2.

  • Are you supplying a makeup artist?

    • Yes we are.

  • Are you supplying all the wardrobe?

    • No, we will be supply MOST of the wardrobe, but some scenes we might ask if you can provide attire.

  • When will this be released?

    • ASAP. Hopefully within 2-3 weeks.

    Who is Jesto Mathis?

    • Jesto is a Las Vegas based hip-hop artist who recently moved from Atlanta, GA.   He is a producer and songwriter whose music narrates real life situations and does so rhythmically over southern trap & hip-hop tracks   

    • "Getting It Now", his debut single from his album AtlantaVegas, achieved over 75,000 streams on Spotify.