Jesto Mathis - "Getting It Now" Music Video released!

Well, it took awhile! But finally, we are releasing the “Getting It Now” music video!

I ended up cutting the music video myself and as we all know, I’m good, but I’m as slow as an editor can get. Took me about a week to line up the audio to the video and do a basic edit. I decided to edit in Black Magic Resolve 15, to avoid round-tripping and to further learn the software. Jesto stopped by the crib, we fine-tuned the edit, shorten and lengthening shots, adding others, etc. He just had a few notes; no big deal. When I got to the Color stage and watched a few video tutorials, , I realized that my skill level compared to an actual colorist was vast.

It’s tough enough being a tiny label. We can’t have bad presentation. So I hired a professional colorist; Mike Bonner from LA. We went back and forth on looks for about a week. This shit is important, gotta spend the time to do it right.

Yesterday a UPS package arrived. Inside was our music video on hard drive. Mike did an excellent job color-grading & color matching RED Dragon, GH5, & Mavic Pro footage, most of which exposure issues and some with baked in looks. He had a brilliant idea of introducing a Sepia tone for the outdoor shots, like the movie Traffic, and we went with it.

Now that the video is on YouTube, we need enough views to get on WorldStar Hip Hop for free. Otherwise I hear the charge is $750. How many views? I don’t know.. probably a mill. I’ll find out tomorrow