New Jesto Mathis single = "Grace Jones"!

GRACE JONES-Explicit Album Art.jpg

We’ve achieved a ton of success promoting “Getting It Now” the past 3 months on Spotify. We landed on dozens of Spotify user playlists, achieved over 75,000 streams. We have over 1200 followers and nearly 1000 saves. Our efforts also triggered Spotify’s algorithm. Getting It Now continues to be featured on Discover Weekly and Radio. With more people exposed to Jesto’s music than ever before, we felt it was time to drop new music and build on our momentum .

The first follow-up single will be Grace Jones. We been sitting on this song for awhile. It officially drops October 26, twelve days from today.

Grace Jones has a more mellow vibe than “Getting It Now”. We wanted a change-of-pace to let folks know that Jesto isn’t a one trick pony.